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Tarot is a collection of cards which embrace and illustrate, practical and spiritual wisdom passed down through the ages using symbols of universal law.

Tarot can be a practical tool or a spiritual journey; it’s up to you.


Tarot can offer revealing insight into our life experiences, where we are going and who we are taking with us. It can look at our perceived strengths and weaknesses in relation to the past, present, and possible future outcomes.

An increasing number of people are using tarot as a form of mind mapping, unlocking areas of thought and reasoning to understand the situations they face in life.

It is an amazing tool for learning and for self-understanding. It can give you an expansive deeper view of life delivering wisdom that goes beyond our superficial everyday understanding; giving optimism, guidance, and direction.

Tarot is an enhancement to your free will and the choices you decide to take in your life.

What is a Tarot Event?

What sort of tarot readings do you offer ?

Carol offers e-mail readings, corporate event bookings,  hen and party readings. She can be booked for fairs and MBS events.   It is best to contact Carol on the “Contact Me Page” of the Unity Tarot web site for more details and fees. (PartyTarotReader) (TarotLondon).

Personal readings

A Tarot card reading with Carol offers insights into our life experiences where are we going and who are we taking with us. It can look at perceived strengths and weaknesses in relation to our past present and future possible outcomes. Personal readings last around 30-50 minutes.  Personal readings. Specific question short reading. Celtic cross reading

Corporate and Party bookings.

A tarot reader is a great way to add an upbeat, memorable and entertaining dimension to your corporate event or party. A typical party or corporate event consists of either the reader moving around performing light-hearted readings table by table or if you prefer the reader to be stationed in a set location.  The readings at these events are designed to be fun and entertaining. Contact Carol for a quote on the Contact me page with your event requirements. The timing of the readings can be adaptable to your party schedule.





About the Tarot Deck

The most commonly used tarot deck for beginners and experienced readers is  The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck. 

The Tarot card deck is built of 78 cards split into 5 sections. The first section is the Major arcana and composed of 22 cards that represent major happenings in our lives or the world.

The other 4 parts of the deck are similar in layout to playing cards and represent the everyday happenings in our lives and the people around us. The four sections in the Minor Arcana are represented by the 4 elements.

  • The Fire suit (Wands) Illustrates, energy, enthusiasm, new projects, and beginnings.
  • Water (Cups) suit represent emotions and spirituality.
  • Air (Words) suit represents the intellect, thought and mind.
  • The Earth (Pentacles) suit represents our earthly existence and practical doing experiences, like work family and maintenance.

Each of the 4 suits is headed by a Royal family and represents the people around you.

If you want to know more go to the Blog pages and you will find more information regularly posted about the tarot deck.

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About the tarot reader Carol

Carol is an intuitive /clairaudient tarot card reader. She has a sensitive and caring style, blending intuition and counseling skills, to help you find you best way forward in a way that is empowering to you. She is a sympathetic tarot card reader to her personal clients while being upbeat and entertaining, delivering tarot readings in an assured manner, at parties and corporate events.

Her working life background was in the field of human resources/personal training and development skills. She led courses in leadership, counseling, problem-solving and assertiveness for several well-known businesses in the UK.  Carol studied the tarot as a hobby , reading for family friends for many years. Some years ago she made the time to combine her working life skills with developing her spiritual life that enabled her to complete the Tarot course with British Astrological and Psychic Society. She now practices tarot reading at a professional level. This has given her the skills that make her tarot reading for her clients so rewarding.

A Tarot reading with Carol can offer insights into your life experiences, where you are going and who we are taking with you. It can look at perceived strengths and weaknesses in relation to our past, present, and possible future choices. Tarot is a view into some of the options and choices you may choose to make when faced with those interesting life conundrums.

Tarot Events LondonCarol encourages people to see practical and spiritual options to make inspired life choices in the ever-changing and challenging world we live in, using Tarot cards as a guide. Carols Tarot  readings are not fortune telling, but a co operative event with input from the client with Carol guiding you along the way to get you  the best results.

Carol travels to Central, South East London and surrounding areas for personal readings, parties, hen nights & corporate bookings.

Carol is a fully qualified member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, click here to read her profile.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long does a typical reading last?

A Typical tarot face to face reading takes 40 minutes to provide a good reading.

Which areas do you travel to?

Carol travels locally to South East London for personal readings. For corporate and party booking to Central London, South East London and surrounding areas.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

Her costs vary depending upon the type of readings, numbers needed and time taken to travel to your event. Please complete our contact quote form for a specific price.

Payment is made by cash on the day of booking, bank transfer if a corporate event in advance of the booking, or by pay pal. Invoices suppled on request. Deposits of 35% are required in some circumstances.

Tarot is a tool for enlightenment?

Tarot is an enlightening tool to help and gives people  ideas outside their everyday perspective. It offers possible solutions and directions to make the most of  life opportunities and conundrums. Some times we face difficult situations in our life that are hard to understand at the time. Realistically the good and difficult times as part of our life learning that we have to face and experience.

How does a reading work? The cards a shuffled and you ask the question, the cards are picked and laid down in what is known as a spread.  There are many types of spread each relevant to the question you may be asking. The way in which the cards are laid out in the spread makes sense of the reading that we tell. You can and are encouraged to ask questions

Some people feel wary of the cards , they are just pieces of cards produced by a machine and designer. It’s the question and the reader’s skills at interpretations via intuition, psychic or clairvoyant skills that can offer the questioners many ideas outside the box or personal vision, opening up many options for consideration.

The outcome of how we proceed with our life questions is always our personal choice. We are in control of our destiny if not always the things others bring into our lives. But how we choose to deal with those issues is our decision. The cards can be profound guidance or entertaining, depending on what you want from them.

Which areas do you cover?

Carol travels to events in central London and south-east London.


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    Palmistry is the study of our hands. Even if you don’t know the science behind palmistry you can still tell a lot about the person just looking at their hands. The life they have led and the possibilities ahead. It is all in the hand. Just learning a bit about palmistry opened my eyes to what is right in front of us every day. I am sure the manicurist and nail artists are very aware of this knowledge.

    We all instinctively know something about a person when we shake their hand or touch us.  I often sit while traveling on public transport just looking at the hands of fellow travelers while they are glued to their mobiles. I look at the shape of the hand and fingers, the nails, and skin. Is the hand decorated painted or tattooed? The hand if we look at the palm can also tell us much more about a person, is the skin ruff or smooth? week or strong, hard skin or soft skin, is the hand confident or withdrawing? The hand is a hologram that offers us a view of  the inner and outer person.

    Palmists are like a forensic scientist discovering and unraveling. The more variety of hands we look at the more we learn.  Our hands created our cultures and history. The hand is the blue- print for us and our potential. An increasing number of Physiotherapists are viewing the hand and palm as a store house of information for self-knowing. The hand if read by a talented palmist can reveal much about us.

    Carol Unity Tarot

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