How Tarot reading keep a balance between spiritual and practical life experience ?

Tarot cards are a collection of cards that symbolizes insights of our lifetime experiences. Our past, present, and future can all be read using these cards. A lot of people have even started a career in reading tarot cards to help people predict their futures. Unity Tarot is one of the best tarot readers and can help you gain some spiritual and practical wisdom. Carol Sloane takes great pride in making Unity Tarot the best it can be, blending intuition with absolutely perfect counseling skills. She always aims to provide you with guidance and advice that helps you to move forward in life.

Delivering tarot readings is her passion and she offers her services for different parties and corporate events. Although her background is in human resource and personal training, she chose to pursue her dreams of being a tarot reader. She combined her working life skills with a spiritual life that helped her pursue tarot courses with British Astrological and Psychic Society. Now, she has used her experience to become one of the best tarot readers in London.

Along with offering insights into your life experiences, it can also help you to view your perceived strengths and weaknesses that could affect your future choices. Carols tarot readings are sometimes mistaken for fortune telling, but they are an initiative to guide you towards getting better results. She travels to several parts of London for personal readings, corporate events, tarot parties, hen nights etc.

The typical tarot reading lasts for about 40 minutes. The cost depends upon the type of readings, travel location and also the amount of people present. Carol takes her payment by cash on the day of booking. Bank transfers and pay pal payments are also available for corporate events. A deposit of 35% is required in some cases. Carol also specialises in offering palmistry, which is the study of hands. The possibilities of your future can be determined by this method. Carol believes that shaking hands and the lines in people’s palms can tell us a lot of information about a person’s life. At each corporate party, Carol has her light-hearted reading table that is designed to entertain clients. Contact Carol today with your event details and get a quote.

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