Lesson 3 with Unity Tarot

Focusing on the Fire or Wands Suit
The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Welcome back to the third lesson with Unity Tarot! So far in our lessons, we have looked at how the tarot deck is composed and how the 22 Major Arcana cards are split into three sections and show the major influences on our lives. We were also introduced to the 4 suits; the Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, which relate to the everyday situations we find ourselves in, and the 4 Royal Families that are part of the suites that vividly illustrate the qualities of each suits they are attached to.
I am so excited to start today’s lesson on the overall meanings of the suites starting with the Wands. The Wands suit is joined with the element of fire, which is attached to the 4 Sun Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


The Wands are part of the Minor Arcana, which is the name of the four suits in the tarot card deck.

Wands (or the fire element) is the name of the first suit in the deck of tarot cards. The Wands Suit, which holds the strong element of fire, entails themes of a spark, the beginning. The Tarot suit of Wands and the element of Fire represents the division between spiritual and physical concepts; for example, imagine a candle being physical and the flame burns the physical into a new form; the ether.
More examples include;

-The Big Bang; the source of the universe. The Sun is the flame of where all life in the Universe, especially the Earth is nurtured.
-A spark of an idea; especially for a new project, which is the source.
These examples are the essence of the Wands suit.
The life force, Fire, in the Wands suit, is commonly illustrated by a wand, or a stick. The wand can symbolise a source of life/idea or a new beginning. The wands are often depicted with leaves sprouting from them, showing new life energy or ideas.
We have used examples like a spark of an idea in the Wands Suit, but the fire is not of a positive use unless it is managed; if it’s not managed, the flame will either erupt into a wildfire or just burn out – a fire needs to be nurtured. The fire of the Wands Suit is nurtured and balanced in the tarot deck by the influences of the other suits and how they flow with each other; hence when we perform a reading, we hope for a good balance of cards from all suits in the deck.


Wands like to keep things moving, action changing, new growths forming. They don’t like to be restricted because they are individuals, not part of a group, although it would be better for them if they were! Their skills are greatly needed in groups and society. They have great plans for new projects but often don’t follow them through; therefore they need the swords suit to help them plan.

The Wands are inclined to depression and misunderstanding from others; also, not receiving enough sleep when they are inspired and sleeping too much when their imagination is not active.

They become easily restless and frustrated when their ideas are not recognized by others, and like a flame with no wax to burn, they easily fizzle out. However, suddenly, a new spark lights within them; possibly a new project or plan. They have the idea, but not the strength or interest to keep the project growing. They need other suits to be involved and cultivate the work of planning, the practical application, and the will and emotional strength to keep going.
A wand needs to have support around them;

-The Cups Suit brings kindness and emotional support
-The Swords Suit brings help and strength to plan
-The Pentacle Suit brings physical resources to achieve the project.
Therefore, all suits need each other to achieve and succeed.

Overall, we need the Wands suit, because, without the spark of emotion for change and growth, we would never move our society forward. The Wands are truly the innovator, the inspiration, the Eureka moment.

With thanks to Freya Sloane for editing X

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